Family Membership - $50 plus $10.00 key deposit

Registered Student ( 18 or older ) - $30 plus $10.00 key deposit

65+ (less than 5 yr membership) - $20(plus $10.00 key deposit if new member)

  • Family Membership includes you, your spouse, and your children under age 18.
  • Dues cover fiscal year April 1 to March 31.
  • For first time members who join after October 1, membership is valid to March the following year.
  • Membership Duties include good sportsmanship, good will towards other members and the promotion of archery.
  • Your participation in ECIA meetings and maintaining the outdoor range is expected.  Dues the following year will be $25 if a member participates in 2 club work activities (workdays, setting targets, assisting with Park District archery instruction, etc)
  • Make checks payable to ECIA
  • Included with yor paid are given a key to the range and able to utillize the facility as you please!

East Central Illinois Archers needs the effort of all club members to support club functions and maintain and improve the Range.

Members can support the club by:

  • 3D Shoot set-up/Take down - The Saturday 3D shoots are set-up the Wednesday before, starting at 5 PM.  Take down begins with the last shooter clearing the course on Saturday – set-up is 30 - 3D targets.
  • Summer league 3 D set-up - Set up is 15 - 3D Targets, the day before the Thursday afternoon/evening shoot.  You are also responsible for target pick-up Thursday evening
  • Volunteering to help with Urbana Park District Archery Classes - Classes are offered in June and July and run 4 evenings over a two week period.
  • Picking up trash, fallen branches or trimming back vegetation around the clubhouse, parking area, target and broadhead range.
  • Coming out for a work day
  • Adopt a Lane – One or more members can adopt a lane for a season.  The members agree to keep-up a lane for the year.  This can be as simple as keeping brush and branches cut back or can involve making improvements to the lane.  Generally, members provide their own tools, the club provides any needed materials – you must get approval from one of the club officers before buying anything or making any major changes to a lane.  A sign up sheet is posted at the clubhouse.

Please complete the attached Membership form or contact an officer to join.  You can also come to any club activity and we will handle the membership at that time.

Download this file (ECIA membership form 2018 final.pdf)Membership 2018